Welcome to the wonderful world of Yoga for Health & Education Trust (YHET).

We are committed to promoting the holistic practice of yoga and sharing it with people from all walks of life. Our Trust focuses on harnessing the profound physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga to enhance health, well-being, and education.

YHET is a charity dedicated to bringing yoga to all abilities. We were formed by a small, dedicated group who believed that the work established by the Yoga for Health Foundation at Ickwell Bury, was too important to be lost. We continue to promote yoga in the Ickwell Bury tradition of “Yoga for All”. We truly believe that yoga has the power to transform and bring about positive changes in people’s lives. We are committed to spreading awareness about yoga and providing accessible opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to experience its immense benefits.

As with any journey to a place worth getting to, it has not always been easy. Along the way we have faced many challenges. However, our continued belief and commitment to the value of YHET’s work and its six core values – Nurturing, Inclusivity, Embracing, Professional, Inspiring, Authentic – has seen us through all this and more. 

The Vishuddi (throat) chakra symbol at the heart of the YHET logo also reminds us of the need to continue to promote the YHET message and values to the outside world.

YHET is entirely run by volunteers and is most fortunate in the number of people who have given up their time to become trustees or to assist in so many ways, as well as to raise funds for YHET.  Donations from members and supporters continue to provide a not insignificant proportion of our income; a reassuring sign of the affection in which the charity is held and of the value placed on our work.

We invite you to explore our website, join our programmes, and become a part of the Yoga for Health & Education Trust community. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey toward improved health, well-being, and personal growth through the practice of yoga.