Event Reviews – Felden Lodge

July 31, 2022

Due to the pandemic it has been 3 years since my last YHET residential weekend, It was lovely to reconnect again, the whole weekend felt like a homecoming. The venue was great, we were looked after very well by the staff, there was plenty of space and it felt like it was our space for the weekend. The gardens were a great location for a walking meditation on the Sunday. As always the yoga was fantastic and I came away having immersed myself in the experience but also have learned new things. It was great to see you all, both for the entertainments on the Saturday evening (some unforgettable performances!), but also some quite deep conversations during meals and drinks about our lives.

Jonathan Randall

July 7, 2022

Returning to Felden in July was very special. As soon as I walked through the front doors, I could sense the same peacefulness & warm welcome as my first visit in April. I was back to share yoga again & my heart was smiling. The dining room was filled with conversation & laughter. I could feel the connection & joy among everyone & was soon hugging & catching up with familiar souls.
Sessions took place simultaneously in two wonderful rooms, spacious & comfortable, one upstairs & one downstairs. Light was fantastic through gorgeous sash windows, as was the nature seen all around us.
Many opportunities in between to chat or read with a cuppa on chairs & sofas or to go strolling outside, all adding to the tranquil & friendly atmosphere.

The building itself felt very nurturing, bedrooms cosy, toilets well-located & easy access to everywhere. It didn’t take long to find our way around. Also extremely kind & helpful kitchen staff.

It never felt like a rush, the weekend schedule was optional & yet everyone felt keen & excited to participate & experience the different styles of yoga on offer. Compassionate, gentle, restorative, enriching & rejuvenating. Creative, musical, poetic, vibrational & nourishing. Lucky lucky Us.

In reflection, those initial moments just before my sessions began, as everyone gathered on their mats, almost a pulsating uncertainty & yet trust in what was about to unfold. The timelessness as we moved through the practice, energy flowing within & all around us, my heart giving & responding, their hearts expanding & receiving. It was truly a privilege.
Namaste & my thanks to you all.
Sharòn Cohen

July 5, 2022

The Lodge was easy to find and the journey was short; it is set in beautiful grounds that were free to walk in. On arrival, we went to our rooms which were small, warm and scrupulously clean; there was a lift available to all floors. The first yoga class was really enjoyable and dinner afterwards was delicious. In the evening, there was a get to know one another session and then we could have coffee or tea before bed. In the morning there were two classes to choose from and then a full breakfast in the dining room; we ate with other students and shared stories. Following breakfast, there were two more sessions to choose from; the yoga teachers were very experienced and sensitive to the different abilities in the group. Lunch followed, it was delicious and generous in portions, there was a salad cart and desserts; the dining room buzzed with positivity and conversation. There was then free time which some spent walking, others reading, I went for a nap! There were two more great classes before dinner, a delicious lasagne and chocolate cake, cheesecake and fruit salad. In the evening we shared time together as a group laughing, listening to poetry and watching those with a talent to share! I think we all slept well that night and were ready for our early morning classes on Sunday. Both days started with stretch and gentle yoga classes upstairs and down. I was thrilled to see Sharon Cohen who led a great yoga session mid morning, whilst others went downstairs to Qui Gong. Before we packed to go home, we were all provided with a full lunch and time to say our goodbyes.

We have been on many retreats but this one was so well planned, choices of classes were available, the menu was full and catered for all, food was delicious and the yoga instructors were varied and professional. We had a thoroughly fabulous time. Thank you to all involved
Paula Ewington and Fran Spurrier

July 5, 2022

My first teachers training was at Ickwell Bury, many of us headed there, loving the place and having been guided by our teachers.
And there our first understanding of yoga was nurtured and encouraged, and we learnt so much!
Time passed, many changes later, we have all continued to study, in different trainings we’ve had different teachers, we have all added to our original training, but the Bury was where our roots were.

We all grew upwards and outwards from there, as you know since those times, yoga has changed, sometimes it’s difficult to find where the yoga is, while it’s being lost in weird and wonderful asana, with no reflection on Yama, or Nyama and with the knowledge of our sacred texts being lost and watered down.

Over time, I’ve been to some great trainings as we probably all have,
been on some wonderful retreats, but I’ve always felt that my motivation to practise and teach yoga was still held in the teachings the bury gave us.
I didn’t have a clear vision of what the difference was, but I knew it was different, couldn’t put my finger on it.
This last weekend at Felton Lodge finally put it in place.
The emphasis was not, come and learn a lot, although we did!
It wasn’t physical posture is the king, let’s try to do more, let’s get better at it,
although we did!

The emphasis was a question,
asked without hesitation,
the same question I heard at the Bury many years ago, the same question that I still ask, because that’s what the Bury taught me to ask.
And the same question I heard at the weekend, in the attitude of everyone there.
A simple thing, a place that we all need to come from.
The roots of YHET, are the Sthira the stability, from which ease and comfort Sukha grows.

And the question is:

How Can I Help You?
I’ve missed that question in yoga lately, loud in its absence!
Thank you for asking it, and having it still there in the practise, that question that helps us move forwards but still keeps us home.
Gill Ansty

May 2, 2022

I would just like to congratulate the ‘girls’ who discovered the great new venue in Hemel Hempstead. All very clean and well organised. Such delightful grounds with gorgeous trees just waiting to be hugged. It was so good to see all the familiar faces, looking so joyful after the long stretch of virtual viewing. A great deal of chatter, plenty to catch up on. Many thank to Ally, as always so efficiently organised, gathering together the three great teachers who worked jolly hard. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say how much you are all appreciated.
Christine Stokes

May 2, 2022

We arrived at Felden Lodge after a good journey. We immediately felt at home and appreciated the welcome hot drinks and comfy sofas.
The house was set in lovely grounds and felt safely isolated from the world. It us hard to describe the joy of seeing the familiar faces of the YHET members . It had been a long two and a half years and it was incredibly good to be back.

The opening session really brought us into the weekend and we all felt a great sense of gratitude to be present and lose the fear of meeting people again; this weekend for many of us was our first venture into meeting in a group. Much thanks was expressed to the committee of YHET for keeping us all going during lockdown and holding together YHET.

The yoga was very good with great teachers and interesting new postures that we may not have explored before. The programme for the weekend was well planned with time and space to enjoy some reflection and rest.

The venue, rooms, food and location were all very good – great to be back and really looking forward to more of these weekends.
Caroline Webster

April 25, 2022

At last the chance to spend time together and benefit from yoga after more than 2 years and what a success! I found the whole weekend nurturing and restorative through warm company, wonderful teaching, a relaxed programme, plenty of good food (including special diets) and a beautiful setting of mature trees set in a huge green space ( you can tell I live in London). The first evening gave us the chance to share our experiences during Covid. The second evening we were entertained and enriched by a creative chakra art session. So very many thanks to Ally, all the Trustees and teachers for their hard work in bringing us together for the first time at Felden Lodge. I hope there will be many more YHET events to come there.
Janet Harris