Develop your skills, share your love of yoga with other people and help YHET to develop and move forward. We know how much knowledge and experience our members have so don’t be shy – join our team of volunteers. We are looking for help with the following:

  • Gather articles on yoga and therapeutic yoga for the magazine and website.
  • Write about an asana for each copy of the magazine. It could include explanation of posture, how to get into it and out of it, breathing, stages of teaching/learning, contra-indications.
  • Write about adaptions in postures used for those unable to achieve the full posture, e.g. those with disability, illness, limited flexibility.
  • Research dates and information about awareness days for various illnesses, e.g. MS, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Heart Disease etc.
  • Write or source articles about yoga & its benefits for the above illnesses to be sent to various magazines and for our magazine to coincide with the awareness period(s).
  • Advise health charities about the trust, the work we are doing and our therapeutic work.
  • Yoga Research – help to gather website addresses concerning the benefits and the science behind it, if any.
  • Précis the information from the above websites.
  • Teachers – use our Trifold leaflet to promote the trust in your classes and at any events you attend.
  • Assist with advertising and promoting the trust, e.g. sending articles to magazines for publication, advertorials, posters etc.
  • Lead and champion the teacher training programme.
  • Develop the therapeutic programme.
  • Compile a list of teacher who currently teach therapeutic/accessible classes, where and when e.g. MS, COPD, Parkinson’s.
  • Search for venues with rooms for the disabled. We have a list of requirements and questions to ask.
  • Join our events’ team to help with one or more of the tasks involved with organising events, e.g. finding teachers to teach at the events and sending them the necessary information, preparing programmes for the events, organising & collating reviews for the website & magazine, taking photographs during events.

Want to get involved but not sure where to start? Get in touch via the Contact us page telling us what interests you and how much time you have available and we will match your skills to one of our jobs.